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How To Do A DIY Rebar Bend In Australia?

Rebar bending can be quite a laborious process, since it incorporates a lot of precision, in order to get it right. Moreover, bending rebar properly is of paramount importance in the modern day and age, due to the fact that skyscrapers and other buildings often have to comply by very stringent safety regulations, thus the reason as to why machines are used to do the job instead of manual labour in the present day. However, when push comes to shove, there are times where you do need to bend rebar manually, especially if the machine is one that cannot adapt to a number of settings. Although the rebar is heavy and difficult to twist and turn, it is still not impossible for man to bend the steel by himself. Here are the main steps that have to be followed:

Safety Equipment

Of course, the first thing that has to come to mind for any builder is the safety of him/her and the surroundings. In other words, this has to be performed in the builder’s yard. One might wonder as to why a rebar bender in Melbourne is not used in this instance. However, there might be times when the machine does not work. The safety equipment includes gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, and steel toed boots. If you are planning on using a welding torch, then it is a must for the builder to have a fire proof apron and a blow torch mask, so as to keep the vital parts of the body away from any danger.

Viable Rebar

It is important to remember that not all rebar can be bent with human hands; therefore it is necessary that you find rebar that looks bendable and not as thick. This would enable you to manipulate the rebar to the specifications you want with little elbow grease as possible, and possibly without any damage too.

Strong Vice

Once you found the right rebar for the job, it is then necessary to attach it to a vice grip. The vice grip itself should be of industrial grade and should be attached to the work desk or platform very securely since the surface can get damaged due to the constant pulling strain it would undergo once the job is being performed on the rebar.

Steel Pipe

Once you have securely installed the rebar onto the vice grip, take a steel pipe, which has a diameter just large enough to take encase the rebar fully until it meets the vice grip. This would enable an easier leveraging action to the builder wanting to bend the rebar. Once the pipe is in place, slowly exert force on the steel pipe that encases the rebar. By doing this a number of times, the rebar should bend. Keep in mind to not hit the rebar with a hammer, or use a blowtorch, unless it is a specially made rebar.

 Rebar bending then is not an impossible task for human hands, but certainly a difficult one in that it needs a lot of force to be bent.

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