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What Kind of Inventions Qualify to Have a Patent

Just because you come up with an idea does not mean your idea gets the chance to earn a patent. A patent is given to those special ideas which prove themselves in front of a number of different measurements. Therefore, when you come up with an invention which is based on an idea you have, you should know whether or not that invention is qualified to have a patent. You need to protect your idea. At the same time, you have to make sure your idea is not going to be considered as stealing someone else’s idea.

When you are doing PCT filing Singapore there are a number of things that are going to be considered about your invention before it is cleared to have a patent.

New and Inventive

You invention has to be a new one. You invention should also come from an original or an inventive idea. In other words, it cannot be an invention which is clearly going to be based on the ideas used by other people or the inventions which came before you. An authority decides whether or not your idea or your invention is original or new enough to receive its patent.


There are always inventions which come from an original idea, but they are not much of a use for anyone. At such a moment, such an invention is definitely not going to be categorized as an intellectual property which needs a patent to protect itself from unauthorized use. Whatever your invention is, it has to be useful, it has to have a practical application in the real world if it is to receive a patent.

Have Followed the Right Path to Apply for a Patent

Your invention can prove itself to be new, inventive as well as useful. However, you can still manage to lose the chance to get a patent for the invention because you have not taken the right path to apply for a patent. There is a specific procedure which you have to follow if you are applying for a patent for your invention. Since most of the inventors do not know about the legal side of this matter they get the help of a good legal team to handle the intellectual property related legal matters. If you have hired the right team they are going to take care of everything nicely and you will get your patent soon enough.

Always get the help of the right professional team when you are applying for a patent for your invention.

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