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Tips to Secure the Best Tickets for Your favourite Events

Throughout the year, different event organizers set up all sorts of events and shows for people to enjoy. They are held in various cities at various times, and fans usually flock in the thousands to not just watch their favourite performers, but also to support them. Needless to say, some of these events are so highly anticipated and coveted that obtaining tickets for them is sometimes next to impossible. Often, as soon as tickets go on sale, chances are they are swept up by eager fans prowling the Internet for hours on end the day before. So if you are worried about not being able to get your hands on that upcoming event, maybe these tips might help you out.

Set Up Your Account Early

When you buy online either via a ticket broker or any other way, you will most likely need an account through which to make your payment. If the payment site is secure, they will be quite stringent in collecting information and registering you on their database. However, setting up these accounts can take time, and they may ask for all sorts of information that conveniently cannot be found at the last minute. So look at setting up your account at least a month in advance, so you have plenty of time to iron out any issues. All you then have to do is log in and wait for the tickets to go on sale.

Get a Credit Card

Love them or hate them, it appears that credit cards are here to stay. They are used for scores of purchases nowadays, especially buying tickets online including those for the AFL Anzac Day 2018. You should have this sorted out early as well just like setting up your account, as some organizers tend to offer pre-sale opportunities for specific credit card holders. Even if you do not have one, you can ask your friends and family to see if they are able to help you out.

Use Multiple Devices

The thing is, there could be hundreds of thousands of people who log online at the same time to score their tickets. Naturally, this causes lags and delays in loading time, sometimes freezing your transaction, causing errors and overall reducing your chances of scoring the tickets you want. If you are trying to book for more than one event at once, instead of having several browsers open on the same screen, you should have them open on another laptop or two or even a tab. Ask a few friends over when doing this, it is less stressful and more successful!

Do Not Refresh

This is one the most rookie mistakes one can make when it comes to booking tickets online. As tempting as it can be to slam down on the refresh button especially when there seems to be no progress happening, you should avoid it. People also tend to refresh the page when they log on too early and wait for the tickets to go on sale, since the information needs to be updated. This causes delays. So overall, steer well clear of refreshing it will not help you as much you hope it might.


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