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Types of individuals who work at a shared office space

You meet many people when you work in a co-working environment. This type of environment is where there are many different people from different backgrounds who are freelancers, starting up entrepreneurs, workers who move a lot and other professionals who work on other side projects.


This article will provide you with information about the types of people you will meet at a shared serviced office Hong Kong located.


The enthusiastic person

This is the person who is over enthusiastic and knows everyone and everyone knows. He or she tends to be everywhere in the vicinity and loves to chat with all the workers and will be the first person to introduce themselves to the new people coming in. As the environment is all about networking and meeting people, this person has the full advantage of making new connections. You will come across them at every happy hour at the closets bar where you will find them networking as well. If you meet them down the hall you might find them catching up with someone as well.

The night person

This individual is the person who stays up all night working and comes to the office very very late. Because the working hours are flexible he or she will not be pulled up by higher management as to why they are late. They will always have a cup of black coffee and often wear black clothes.


The healthy person

This person is very easy to spot in the co-working space Hong Kong located. While the other people are busy with a lot of work this individual has a work-life balance. You will find them working out at the gym and you will catch a glimpse of them wearing gym clothes at least once a day. They usually eat salad or some food item does that does not have carbohydrates.


The important person

This is the individual who will always be wearing a earpiece and you will find them along the hallways, the kitchen, the leisure area just so that they can be seen by the others while they work while speaking on to the earpiece.

The workaholic person

This is the person who literally lives in the office and does not leave. They do not leave their office to eat lunch, they don’t have many bathroom or coffee breaks and are always glued to the computer. They will not socialize as much as the others do as well.


The freelancer person

These individuals are at open spaces and lounging areas. As they are freelancers they do not have a proper job. They wait till they get assigned with the next project and are not in at the office every day.


Now here is the biggest question: which one of these individuals are you?

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