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Ultimate guide to motivating employees

A motivated employee is sure to perform ten times better than any other ordinary employee. He would also be much more productive as well, thus in turn benefiting the firm too to keep improving in its overall processes. However, it is the firm and its manager that actually affects the level of motivation an employee has towards his work and overall tasks assigned. So here are a few tricks you could incorporate to make sure this level of motivation is spread amongst all employees in the firm.

Design a good workplace

If you were living in a dingy house in the basement with one light and mice running about, no matter what the circumstances are, you would hate coming back to it. Although it might be the only thing you can afford to live in. However, if you were to give a makeover to the place, and fit in some chairs, lights, paint the walls and whatnot, then even if it wouldn’t look so great on the outside to the others, it might appeal you and you might even see yourself coming back to it. Similarly, your workplace too should be one that the employees would want to come back to. Even if you are only getting a workspace on office leasing choose one that is easily accessible and located in a good place. Do everything you can to make it one that is appealing in every way.

Be respectful

Although you might be having the best workplace, reasonable Kowloon bay office rent, highest profit and so on and so forth, if your employees are not happy, there is no point in whatever you have got or whatever that you do. Today amongst all offices, it seems that the top management are the worst people ever to walk this face of the earth. They also seem to believe that since they are at the top, they have every right to look down on the others, but this is certainly something that shouldn’t be done. Asking people to do things nicely and treating them with respect would automatically push them to work better rather than resorting to force or harsh words. So be respectful if you want your employees to work better.


When you know you would be getting something in return for whatever you do, you are automatically prompted to do better. This is a realization that the top management needs to understand. If you promise your employees a reward for their achievements, then they would work harder to achieve them. This way the overall firm improves on its productivity and the employee is motivated as well. So design proper reward and recognition schemes where employees are awarded for their contributions done to the development of the firm and its processes.

In addition to the above, make sure that you create room for the employees to grow in terms of their career and as a person themselves. Give them positive feedback and guide them in the right track to improve and keep doing better even in future, this way you would have a motivated workforce that work to the best of their abilities to improve the overall productivity of the firm.


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