Which workout is best to achieve your fitness goal?

Are you someone who enjoys taking classes? But are confused on what would suit your ultimate fitness goal the most. Here is a guide to help you out.

If you are already a very active person who runs, bikes or does power walks then you are already getting a regular cardio every week or so. That of course is very good. But eventually you will stop seeing fast results because you are not diversifying your workout. The fact here is that your body’s mechanisms such as the nervous system, physiological and muscles have adapted to the routine and they don’t challenge your body. This is why it is importantto do a variety of different workouts.  If you run regularly then you have already got the cardio sorted, so find a class that will build your strength and flexibility. When you practice this kind of cross training you are protecting yourself from injury and making yourself stronger. So to maintain a challenging workout routine you should have a variety of activities. Especially five main aspects should be present: Stretching, aerobic exercise, core exercises, strength training and balancing.

Say you hate the treadmill and want a cardio that is fun filled and also activity paced then something such as Zumba would be entertaining for you. You can burn upto 400 calories per hour from a Zumba session. You can combine some boxing as well to make sure every part of your body is working and burning fat. You can find boxing lessons Singapore that are very well structured. They are fast paced and suits your fitness routine. If you are already engaged in deep cardio routines regularly then going for something such as yoga would diversify your techniques. It will help you with flexibility, posture and endurance. So it is all about building the strength and also toning up. Stretching and flexibility is very important for any workout. If you lack this aspect then your motion will be limited. Because stretches target major parts of group muscles. So including stretches is a very vital part of a workout routine. It should be practiced at least 3 times a week.

So examine your current routine and ask yourself if you have included the five elements that are necessary to make your work out challenging. Always try to expand and diversify your workout routines by adding innovative activity elements that target different parts of your body. By including a variety of workouts you are constantly challenging yourself and you are enjoying the added health benefits it is providing you with.

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